Random Thoughts and Observations from Quarantine By: David Changas

I swore to myself that this column was not going to be another Coronavirus/COVID-19/Quarantine piece. That was too unoriginal an idea. I could come up with something. Maybe a recap of the NFL Draft, or a discussion of what the sports landscape will look like (if and) when it returns, or something about Jeremy Pruitt’s dominance on the recruiting trail … Read More

Winning is Not Everything, but it’s Pretty Damn Fun

When the legendary Steve Vescovo made an appearance in the Nashville office on Thursday, he had a bit more spring in his step than usual. He was bouncing around the 26th floor talking to whoever would spare him a minute. The reason? Ja Morant. “What do you think about the Grizzlies?” he asked a couple of us who were headed … Read More

Your Not So Definitive Holiday Movie Guide

I’m not a movie buff. I have been to the theatre twice in the past five years and am completely lost when people discuss the latest film releases, Marvel, Star Wars, etc. When I try to watch one on a Friday night with my family, I generally last until about the end of the opening credits before succumbing to slumber … Read More