Dr. Strange Tastes: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Podcast

“Yeah, I listen to pod-casts,” grumbled Nashville shareholder Randy Bibb as we rode to Chattanooga for a case in the Eastern District of Tennessee during my first week at the firm last fall. “It’s called ‘NPR on my FM radio!’” he gleefully exclaimed. Good one, Randy. Hook, line, and sinker. According to an old adage, there is a grain of truth in … Read More

Who’s With Me?! By: George Scoville

5/4/20 UPDATE! Thanks to everyone who contributed to George Scoville’s haircut fund! George raised $1,100 to benefit the Nashville Predators Foundation empowered by Smile Direct Club. Now, rather than live streaming his haircut on Facebook, WSMV’s Big Joe on the Go will be carrying the event Wednesday (May 6) during his Joe on the Go segments at 5:45 am; 6:15 … Read More