Baker’s Man

During the throes of the pandemic, we all struggled to distract ourselves from the apocalypse. We subscribed to every streaming service. We renovated every corner of our homes. We knitted. We painted. We picked up instruments we haven’t played since grammar school. (May God save the soul of anyone who tried playing the recorder.) We tested the contours of our … Read More

Life’s About Choices

Well, it finally happened. I sat down to write this month’s installation of A Column No One Reads, and I’m completely and totally uninspired. This is to be expected. My predeccessor, Jason Long, warned me it would happen, and I rest easy knowing I am in good company. In his 20 plus years of writing Long Winded, Jason wrote frequently … Read More

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

I join a group of my co-workers two or three times a week for lunch. Lunch usually lasts no more than an hour, and we try to constrain ourselves to Market Square or Gay Street. On occasion, usually at or near payday, we treat ourselves to an “off campus” lunch. Some of our more common excursions are El Chico on … Read More