Meet the Barrister – Kim Johnson

A periodic Q & A session with a Lewis Thomason (LT) lawyer


 LT: When did you decide to become a lawyer?
Kim Johnson: When I took a political science constitutional law class as a sophomore in college.

LT: What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Kim Johnson: Not one highlight, but trying over 250 jury cases.

LT: What do you enjoy most about being a lawyer?
Kim Johnson: Analyzing cases and thinking through how to try them.

LT: You’re stranded on a desert island with only an iPod – what music are you listening to?
Kim Johnson: Baroque classical music.

LT: What do you want your legacy to be?
Kim Johnson: He was efficient, fair and to the point.

LT: What is one thing on your bucket list and why?
Kim Johnson: Spending one month in Hvar, Croatia, a favorite destination, which we will do in June, 2017. Hvar is an island off the Dalmatian Coast on the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

LT: What is your favorite drink and why?
Kim Johnson: Water, because it is healthy and life-sustaining.

LT: What famous person do you admire and why?
Kim Johnson: President John F. Kennedy. As a politician, Kennedy excelled and was at least a role model in my younger days.

Kim recently spoke about his experience in Vietnam. Take a listen here on YouTube.


Johnson-0814Mr. Johnson has been with the firm since 1970. His practice has been focused primarily on civil litigation in federal and state courts defending professional liability claims. Mr. Johnson has tried many jury cases and takes pride in providing superior legal counsel to his clients.


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