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As participants in the system are learning, litigation is expensive, in money, time and resources. A lengthy pretrial process can be just the start given today’s clogged court dockets and even reaching trial can have unpredictable results. The legal community has developed several forms of alternate dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration, to help reduce all of those costs. Additionally, these alternate dispute resolution processes often allow parties to reach resolution in a manner that is quicker and more satisfying to all involved. Some courts and some state laws require that parties mediate prior to going forward with litigation.

The law firm of Lewis Thomason is proud to be a part of this growing field and has several attorneys who are specially trained and certified by the Tennessee Supreme Court to mediate disputes and help parties attempt a resolution short of a trial. We mediate in several areas, including family law and general civil litigation. The firm believes that, while nothing beats being well-prepared to try a matter, these alternatives should be attempted first and can lead to faster, far less expensive process and more predictable results for everyone involved.

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