Lewis, Thomason, King, Krieg & Waldrop, P.C.

Product Liability

Over the past 25 years, manufacturers and insurance companies have faced an explosion of product liability claims. In addition to significantly impacting business finances, product liability claims can lead to adverse publicity, government regulation, class actions and individual claims involving serious injury or property damage, as well as potential exposure to punitive damage claims. Changes in Tennessee’s products liability law have made it even more critical to have experienced lawyers defending claims of products liability and damages.

Based on decades of effective product liability defense, we are recognized throughout the state, region and country as a strong product liability defense firm and are well prepared to guide our clients through the maze of pretrial discovery and litigation. We have significant trial experience in federal and state courts throughout the Southeast as lead trial counsel, associated trial counsel, coordinating counsel and national discovery counsel.

In the automotive industry, we have defended a wide range of claims involving restraint systems, brakes, handling and stability, fuel-fed fires, rollovers and crashworthiness. We have provided similar legal services to manufacturers of recreational vehicles, personal watercraft, motorcycles, airplanes, power equipment, construction equipment, firearms, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other toxic substances. We also represent manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of products for the home, including ladders and electrical outlets, and products in industry such as boilers and presses.

Our attorneys are experienced with the complex issues in these cases, including health and medical concerns, and scientific, engineering and technical issues. We are equipped to provide support for the most complex and document-intensive litigation, and we have a large team of talented trial attorneys, so we are able to handle multiple complex cases and trials at the same time, whether in Tennessee or elsewhere. In addition to our core strength of experienced trial lawyers, we have a strong support staff of paralegals, secretaries and computer specialists who can manage large amounts of information in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We know how to develop a case plan and themes and target discovery toward the development of those issues. We also have knowledge of jurisdictional issues that are critical in helping the client make a decision as to the manner in which a case should be concluded, such as which jurisdictions are not particularly “manufacturer friendly.” Because of our comfort in the courtroom, both federal and state, we can help our client evaluate the decision to go to trial from a position of strength, even when the risk is significant. We also counsel corporate clients on claim prevention and risk assessment.