Retaining Wall Foundation Materials Deemed Irrelevant, Collapse Inevitable

Judgment upheld on appeal where subsequently discovered materials used to backfill retaining wall would not have altered Trial Court’s grant for summary judgment In Lyon Roofing, Inc. v. Griffith, 2023 Tenn. App. LEXIS 232, *7 (Tenn. Ct. App. June 5, 2023), the City of Carmel, Tennessee was granted summary judgment based on an engineering expert’s undisputed opinion that the retaining … Read More

Back to Basics: Tennessee Lien Law PART 3

In a continuing four-part series, LT Construction Lawyer Wally Irvin discusses the Tennessee Lien Law.  Wally recently posted Part 1 of 4 on “Speaking the Lien Language” and Part 2 of 4 on “Lien on What?” Wally continues his examination of the Tennessee lien law. Back to Basics: Tennessee Lien Law POST 3 of 4 (Notice Requirements) In the first two posts in this series, Speaking the Lien … Read More