Who’s With Me?! By: George Scoville

By George Scoville | May 4, 2020

5/4/20 UPDATE! Thanks to everyone who contributed to George Scoville’s haircut fund! George raised $1,100 to benefit the Nashville Predators Foundation empowered by Smile Direct Club. Now, rather than live streaming his haircut on Facebook, WSMV’s Big Joe on the Go will be carrying the event Wednesday (May 6) during his Joe on the Go segments at 5:45 am; 6:15 am and 6:45 am. Be sure to tune in — and feel free to contribute!

As you can see, the corona-curls are starting to swallow my ears and frighten the neighborhood children, and I needed a haircut long before the first shelter-in-place order was a twinkle in any elected official’s eye. Unfortunately, Governor Bill Lee’s executive order this week effectively canceled my haircut appointment. Luckily, however, I also bought a set of hair clippers last weekend.

I haven’t shaved my head in probably 15 years, not since I worked in the restaurant business. As a lawyer, I now work in a culturally conservative profession in which radical changes to a person’s physical appearance can give rise to a certain amount of skeptical side-eye—so I have some misgivings about shaving my head again. But I also think there’s an opportunity to do some good here.

If I can raise $1,000 for the Nashville Predators Foundation empowered by Smile Direct Club, then I will not only shave my head, but I’ll stream it live on Facebook. I kicked things off with my own $25 donation and as of Friday morning I have raised over $800 for this worthy cause. Who’s with me?!

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