28 Lewis Thomason Attorneys included in The Best Lawyers in America© 2017

Lewis Thomason is pleased to announce the following 28 attorneys are listed in The Best Lawyers in America© 2017:

Rehim Babaoglu, Stephen Barton, Kevin Baskette, R. Dale Bay, J. Randolph Bibb, Jr., Leslie F. Bishop, John J. Britton, Charles W. Cagle, Robert F. Chapski, Joseph M. Clark, Lisa Ramsay Cole, Brian S. Faughnan, David N. Garst, Lawrence F. Giordano, William H. Haltom, Jr., Albert C. Harvey, J. Kimbrough Johnson, Michael E. Keeney, John King, Richard W. Krieg, Marcy Dodds Magee, Jerry E. Mitchell, J. Martin Regan, Jr., Sarah Y. Sheppeard, John R. Tarpley, Christopher L. Vescovo, Stephen W. Vescovo, and R. Loy Waldrop, Jr.

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