AIA Releases 2017 Construction Contract Documents

By Wally Irvin | April 20, 2017

The American Institute of Architects publishes the most widely used form document set in the construction industry.  The AIA revises the construction contract documents approximately every 10 years to address legal opinions and current construction practices.  On April 19, the American Institute of Architects released the 2017 version of its contract documents.  The documents revised in the 2017 version include:

  • A201™-2017      General Conditions of Contract for Construction;
  • A101-A105™-2017         Owner-Contractor Agreements;
  • A401™-2017      Contractor/Subcontractor Agreement;
  • B101-B105™-2017          Owner/Architect Agreements;
  • C401™-2017      Architect/Consultant Agreement; and
  • E204™-2017      Sustainable Projects Exhibit.

Over the next few months, we will discuss some of the more important changes included in the 2017 version of these documents.

Photo: Government of Alberta

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