Baker’s Man

By Mitchell Panter | March 10, 2023

During the throes of the pandemic, we all struggled to distract ourselves from the apocalypse. We subscribed to every streaming service. We renovated every corner of our homes. We knitted. We painted. We picked up instruments we haven’t played since grammar school. (May God save the soul of anyone who tried playing the recorder.) We tested the contours of our gardening skills, and we made and killed more sourdough starters than any other point in history.

It’s weird to say, but I look back on the early days of the pandemic (i.e., April/May of 2020) with some sense of fondness. Even though the world shut down and we were all locked away in our homes, feverishly cleaning every surface, and hoarding paper towels and Lysol wipes, there was a sense – at least for me – that we were all sacrificing for the greater good. Read the full article here in the March 2023 issue of DICTA – Volume 51 Issue 3.

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