Bill Haltom will be a guest on “Inside Politics” October 17th

Haltom-0469Bill Haltom, chair of the LT Healthcare Law group, will be a guest on Friday, October 17th  at 7:00 PM on Nashville News Channel 5’s “Inside Politics”. Host Pat Nolan will interview Bill about Bill’s new book, “The Other Fellow May Be Right: The Civility of Howard Baker”. The book focuses on the leadership style of the late Tennessee Senator Howard Baker, who became known as “the Great Conciliator” for his ability to bring Republicans and Democrats together to find bipartisan solutions to our nation’s problems.

Bill’s book demonstrates how the civility of this great Senator should be the example for our nation’s leaders today, as we seek to overcome the current political and cultural environment in which our “leaders” argue for the sake of argument, accuse for the sake of advantage, and seek to demonize those with opposing points of view.

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