Chris McCarty: Protect Big, Little Data Against Cybercrime

McCarty-5121You probably know about the big breaches. JP Morgan Chase. Home Depot. Target. Maybe you even read a few of those juicy emails between Sony executives bashing Angelina Jolie and Will Smith. I can imagine your reaction: “That’s crazy, but what are the chances it happens to me or my little company?”

The chances are much greater than you think. In November, during a data breach and privacy law program in Chicago, I attended a session presented by Wesley Hsu, the executive assistant U.S. attorney who headed up the Sony investigation. Here a few statistics provided by Mr. Hsu that should open the eyes of anyone in business:

Every day, there are twice as many cybercrime victims as newborn babies;

There are 50,000 new victims each hour, 820 new victims each minute and 14 new victims each second;

The total number of estimated cybercrime victims over the past year is greater than the combined populations of the United States and Canada.

This is not a “them” problem or a “later” problem. This is your problem. And to understand the problem, you must first understand its origin. What do cybercriminals want? They want confidential information: credit card numbers; Social Security numbers; log-in passwords; corporate designs; etc. They want whatever you have that someone else might pay money to access/use.

Read the full story in the Knoxville News Sentinel

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