Contractors, did you know . . . ?

By David Draper | September 12, 2016

26682691294_385a8a19c4_zThe Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractors has statutory authority to impose civil penalties for violations of statutes, rules, or orders enforceable by the Board.  Orders of the Board are often based on a finding of misconduct.  Did you know that failure to abide by a warranty agreement is an enumerated form of misconduct.  So is the failure to respond to customer inquiries regarding completion of work and/or dissatisfaction with quality of work.  The rules of the Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractors set forth seven expressly recognized grounds of misconduct.

0680-01-.27 MISCONDUCT.

The following acts may constitute misconduct and may result in disciplinary action against licensees including possible revocation or suspension of license. The acts include, but are not limited to:

(1) Failure to cooperate with open investigation related to a complaint filed with the Board. This includes failure to respond in writing to any communication from the Board requesting a response within thirty (30) days of mailing such communication by registered or certified mail to the last address furnished to the Board by the licensee.

(2) Failure to abide by warranty agreement.

(3) Pulling a building, electrical, plumbing, or like permit for a job in which an unlicensed contractor is acting as the general contractor or consenting to or allowing for a contractor’s license number to be utilized by an unlicensed contractor or improperly licensed contractor in the furtherance of unlicensed contracting.

(4) Failure to maintain worker’s compensation if insurance is required by Tennessee statute.

(5) Revocation, suspension, or voluntary surrender of contractor’s license in another jurisdiction.

(6) Failure to pay a civil judgment rendered against the contractor by a court of competent jurisdiction if related to the contracting industry.

(7) Failure to respond to customer inquiries regarding completion of work and/or dissatisfaction with quality of work.

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