Chris McCarty: Employment Law for 2017: What we know and what we don’t

This is usually an easy assignment. It’s a new year coming up, so write about the latest laws affecting employers. But 2017 is not just any new year because Donald Trump is not just any new president.

Please don’t take that as a political statement. This is not your Facebook timeline. I am pointing to the differences between our sitting and newly elected presidents, and how President-elect Trump could have an almost immediate effect on United States employers.

Salary Threshold

If you made it through my October piece on the Fair Labor Standards Act’s changing salary threshold, for example, you know that the minimum allowable salary should jump from $23,660 per year to $47,476 per year starting Dec. 1.  I used the word “should” for a reason. President Barack Obama ordered that regulatory change on March 13, 2014.

Read the full article in the December 5, 2016 Greater Knoxville Business Journal.

McCarty-5121Chris W. McCarty, a shareholder in our Knoxville office, practices in the areas of employment law, education law and civil litigation. Mr. McCarty handles matters before state and federal courts throughout Tennessee, and has argued before the Tennessee Court of Appeals. Mr. McCarty also presents on employment and education law topics. His articles on those topics have been seen in numerous publications, including HR Magazine, the Tennessee Bar Journal and the Knoxville Business Journal. Mr. McCarty is approved as a member of the American Arbitration Association’s (AAA) Panel of Employment Arbitrators.

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