Every Employers’ Necessary Evil: Terminating Employees by Jared Garceau

While terminating an employee is not something any employer likes to think about, it is a necessary evil for any employer. While Tennessee is an “at will” employment state, you should always keep in mind the reasons for which you cannot terminate an employee – i.e.: for an illegal and/or discriminatory reason. While I am confident that those reading this would never engage in such a practice, keeping these unlawful reasons in mind when terminating a problem employee can help one engage in some helpful practices prior to termination to head-off a future claim and/or better defend the decision later.

If you manage a law firm with at least eight (8) employees, ensuring that your firm terminates an employee the right way can save you in a future wrongful termination lawsuit. 

Read the full article in the August issue of DICTA, Issue 50, Volume 7, page 13.

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