Janet Hayes: Feasting On Employment Law This Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, most of us are focused on the impending feast of turkey, dressing and delectable treats. Employers, however, must remain focused on the feast of employment laws that always threaten to put a damper on the holiday. Otherwise, Thanksgiving could serve up a platter of legal problems.

One area employers should consider and evaluate is holiday pay. There is no Tennessee or federal statute mandating that private employers provide paid holiday leave. Generally, as long as all non-exempt employees are notified of the closure prior to reporting to work on the holiday, no pay is required.

Certain employees who are classified as exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (salaried) must, however, continue to receive regular salary during business closures that extend less than one full work week. Docking the pay of those salaried workers could jeopardize the employee’s exempt status.

Read the full article in the Greater Knoxville Business Journal.

Janet S. Hayes

Janet S. Hayes

Janet Hayes, a Shareholder in the Knoxville office, is an advocate for employers and businesses across the state. Her practice is focused on employment and appellate law.

Ms. Hayes has successfully defended all types of employment claims including sexual harassment, retaliatory discharge, discrimination, workers’ compensation, invasion of privacy, wage/hour claims, and denial of benefits.

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