Janet Hayes: What to do – and not do – when personal issues invade the workplace

At its core, employment law is really about how to deal with people.

In each workplace, a group of people are trying to work together for the good of the employer. But those people come from different cultures and different generations. They have different beliefs and different personalities. Into the workday, each person carries his or her own messy bag of personal opinions, family troubles, health issues and private concerns. Inevitably, those bags get spilled, and the result is messy.

If you are an employer and feel like employees’ personal issues are killing your bottom line, you are not alone. From time to time, every workplace looks like a chaotic mix of counseling center, political party headquarters, medical facility and/or worship center. We are all human, and even the most career-minded folks sometimes allow their humanity to bleed all over the workplace.

Read the full article here in the Greater Knoxville Business Journal.

Janet S. Hayes

Janet S. Hayes

Janet Hayes, a Shareholder in the Knoxville office, is an advocate for employers and businesses across the state. Her practice is focused on employment and appellate law.

Ms. Hayes has successfully defended all types of employment claims including sexual harassment, retaliatory discharge, discrimination, workers’ compensation, invasion of privacy, wage/hour claims, and denial of benefits.

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