Joe Clark and Samantha Bennett Prevail in Medical Malpractice Case

2015 has been a remarkable year for the LT Healthcare Law Team. An undefeated year, to be exact, as LT healthcare lawyers have had a perfect record in medical malpractice jury trials and appellate court decisions.

That perfect season culminated just two days before Christmas, when the defense team of Joe Clark and Samantha Bennett prevailed in a medical malpractice case before the Western Section of the Tennessee Court of Appeals. In the case of Dolman v. Donovan, et al, Joe and Samantha had filed a motion to dismiss in the trial court, challenging whether the medical authorization submitted by the plaintiff pursuit complied with the notice requirements of Tenn. Code Ann. Sec. 29-26-121(a)(2)E. The trial judge granted the motion. Last Wednesday, the Tennessee Court of Appeals agreed, affirming the dismissal.

We congratulate the defense team of Joe Clark and Samantha Bennett on a final LT victory for 2015.


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