Justin Joy and Brady Cody – Take Me Phishing

Take me Phishing: Ensuring Your Firm is Prepared for the Unfortunate Reality of Data Breaches

When discussing data breaches, the consensus among data security professionals is that it is no longer a question of “if ” an organization might get breached, but rather a matter of “when” and “how often” an organization has been breached. In the last year alone, large companies such as Facebook, Equifax, Panera Bread, Saks Fifth Avenue, Under Armor, Forever 21, and Whole Foods have made headlines when their customers’ personally identifiable information was breached (or at least suspected by
some to have been breached). Based on the latest reports from insurance carriers, hackers have set their sights on a new target—law firms. While larger corporations may have the resources to fortify their technical perimeter security, in many cases, law firms do not. Law firms often maintain at least a portion of their clients’ treasure trove of proprietary, financial, and healthcare data, but without the commensurate security measures as their clients.

Read the full article in DICTA‘s September issue, pages 16 – 17.

Justin Joy provides counsel to clients in various industries in the area of information privacy and cybersecurity including incident investigation and breach response management, regulatory compliance, privacy and security policy review and drafting, and cyber risk management.



Brady C. Cody is an associate in the firm’s Knoxville office practicing in construction law and general civil litigation. He joined the firm in September 2016.

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