Lewis Thomason Represented at 2018 Damali Booker 1L Minority Job Fair

Lewis Thomason was represented by Susan Carey and John Craig Howell at the 2018 Damali Booker 1L Minority Job Fair. The Job Fair is an opportunity to interview and recruit first year diverse law students who are interested in pursuing a summer clerkship and professional career in Nashville. Over 80 law schools across the country are invited to participate. The Job Fair is organized so that 1L participants request interviews with specific firms, and those firms receive resumes, writing samples and grades from each candidate in order to select those the firm wishes to interview. The eighteen 20-minute interview slots allowed for interviews of less than half of those who requested interviews with Lewis Thomason. Susan and John Craig met a number of interesting and impressive 1Ls with whom they were able to tout the law practice, work environment and people of Lewis Thomason.

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