Ragnar Relay Team LT United (2)They ran and ran and ran.

They ran  up mountains, and they ran down valleys.

They ran past skyscrapers in Nashville, and past barns and silos in the Tennessee countryside.

They ran in the bright sunlight of a picture-perfect autumn day, and they ran in the darkness of a chilly night.

They ran for the sheer joy of running, and they ran to celebrate their lives together in the practice of law in a great new law firm.

They ran for nearly 30 hours, covering 200 miles, averaging under nine minutes per mile.

And when the senior member of the team – Bill Haltom – crossed the finish line of the Tennessee Ragnar Relay early Saturday afternoon at Music Hall of Fame Park in downtown Nashville, they truly were LT united – ten LT lawyers from all three of our offices across the state who had shared a remarkable experience.

We congratulate our runners on their extraordinary achievement. They have indeed proven that LT lawyers can be counted on in the long run!

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