Meet the Barrister – Joe Clark

A periodic Q & A session with a Lewis Thomason (LT) lawyer

LT: When did you decide to become a lawyer?
Joe Clark: During my junior year in college, I had an English professor who encouraged me to consider law school after a heated debate in class. When I realized my options as an English major, I decided to become a lawyer.

LT: What do you enjoy most about being a lawyer?
Joe Clark:  Is this a trick question?

LT: What is one thing you couldn’t life without?
Joe Clark: Water.

LT: If you had time for a new hobby or to learn a new skill, what would you choose and why?
Joe Clark: I would learn Spanish because I won’t be able to sell fruit on the beach in Mexico without it.

LT: What is the best way to stay motivated and complete goals?
Joe Clark:  Have a child and send him to private school.

LT: How have your goals changed over time?
Joe Clark:  I no longer plan to be a starting pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds.

LT: What is your favorite thing to do in Memphis/Nashville/Knoxville?
Joe Clark: Grizzlies’ games/SATCO/visit the LT office.

LT: Describe your most memorable moment in a deposition or a trial.
Joe Clark: In a closing argument, the plaintiff’s lawyer told a Bible story about Moses. In the middle of the story, a juror in the front row said, “That was Abraham, not Moses.”

Clark-0387Joe Clark, a shareholder in the firm’s Memphis office, maintains a general civil trial practice with a focus primarily on medical malpractice defense. He has tried numerous civil lawsuits to verdict, and he has briefed and argued cases before the Tennessee Court of Appeals and the Tennessee Supreme Court.  Mr. Clark is a Rule 31 Listed General Civil Mediator.

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