Meet the Barrister – John Britton

A periodic Q & A session with a Lewis Thomason (LT) lawyer

LT: What do you enjoy most about being a lawyer?
John Britton: I enjoy several things about being a lawyer. Io enjoy the intellectual stimulation of working in an area where the ability to read and write well is critical and attention to detail is required. I also enjoy the fact that lawyers have to be good “problem solvers”. Whether it is litigating a case or negotiating a deal, good problem solving skills are a necessity. And when attempts to resolve the dispute final, I enjoy the competition of getting a case ready for trial and t hen mediating or trying it. But the thing I enjoy most about being a lawyer is the people, getting to interact with people from all different walks of life on a daily basis.

LT: You’re stranded on a desert island – what music are you listening to?
John Britton:  None. It’s a desert island! But, if by some miracle, music were to be available, I guess I would feel compelled to listen to Jimmy Buffett.

LT: What do you want your legacy to be?
John Britton: I would like for my legacy to be that I always try to treat everyone with the same amount of respect – regardless of their background or circumstances. I hope that has made a positive impact on someone along the way.

LT: What is one thing on your bucket list?
John Britton: As some of you know, I was born in Alaska. My father was stationed there in the Army. Throughout my life, I have heard my parents tell stories about how beautiful it was there and how much fun they had while they lived there. I have always wanted to go back to Alaska and see some of the things I’ve heard about. 

LT: What is your favorite drink and why?
John Britton:  Unsweet tea. It’s a family tradition.

LT: What famous person do you admire and why?
John Britton:  Actually, the person that I admire the MOST is not famous at all. It’s my maternal grandmother, Jane Jeter Walker, who lived in Dresden, Tennessee. She passed away several years ago just two days short of her 99th birthday. She was the toughest person I ever met. In the 54 years that I was privileged to know her, I only saw her cry twice. Regardless of whatever challenges life dealt her, she took it all in stride and kept on moving forward. When I encounter tough situations in my life, I draw on the memory of her toughness for support.

LT: What has been your greatest challenge as an attorney?
John Britton: Timesheets!

LT: What is the best advice you ever received?
John Britton: “Please try to keep your stories brief” – Don’t you wish I had listened!


britton-0373John J. Britton is a shareholder in the firm’s Knoxville office. His practice focuses on litigation in state and federal courts in Tennessee, as well as state and local boards and administrative agencies. His primary focus areas include: eminent domain and condemnation, real estate and real estate related litigation, firearms law, contract drafting, and business litigation.

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