Meet the Barrister – Justin Joy

A periodic Q & A session with a Lewis Thomason (LT) lawyer

 Lewis Thomason: What is something that is popular now that annoys you?
Justin Joy: If you want to know what is popular or cool, you are asking the wrong person. There is one thing that comes to mind: I don’t know how popular it is but I don’t like it that my cell phone is listening for me to say “Hey Siri.” What else does it hear?

Lewis Thomason: What is one of the most memorable moments in your life so far?
Justin Joy: The day I was married to my wife, Amanda.

Lewis Thomason: What book is by your bedside table (or on your e-reader)?
Justin Joy: If I could remember the last book I read from start to finish (except for one of Bill Haltom’s books!) I’d be ashamed to say how long ago it was when I read it. I will often fall asleep reading the Wall Street Journal on my iPad.

 Lewis Thomason: What type of kid were you? (e.g. spoiled, rebellious, well-behaved, quiet, obnoxious…)?
Justin Joy: It depends on who you ask and about what time period. Since you’re asking me, in my younger days, I would say competitive, curious, and in retrospect, maybe a bit eccentric. In my high school days, I would say hopefully a little less eccentric and perhaps a little more harmlessly mischievous. In my college days, well, don’t believe anything my fraternity brothers may say.

Lewis Thomason: What’s your favorite way to waste time?
Justin Joy: Sleep. Supposedly, President-elect Trump can compose his endless stream of profound Tweets on just four hours of sleep a night. I need more (sleep, that is).

Lewis Thomason: What is the best way to stay motivated and complete goals?
Justin Joy: Narrow a big list of things down to just one, maybe two, items at a time and focus on knocking those out before moving to the next item. While knocking those items out is usually motivating in itself, for me, that’s much easier said than done. Court-ordered deadlines can also help spur a little motivation.

Lewis Thomason: How have your goals changed over time?
Justin Joy: They have become more focused and, in many instances, shorter term in order to accomplish larger objectives.

 Lewis Thomason: What is your favorite thing to do in Memphis?
Justin Joy: When not working, serving organizations within the community and spending time with my family.

Lewis Thomason: Describe your most memorable moment in a deposition or trial.
Justin Joy: A few years ago, without using any anesthetics or hypnotics, I put a plaintiff to sleep during her deposition. It was perhaps the quietest way to end a lawsuit that I‘ve come across.


Joy-9936Mr. Joy has a variety of experience in various general civil litigation matters including business and commercial litigation, insurance coverage disputes, healthcare liability defense, medical device liability defense, personal injury and business torts.  He also represents media organizations and journalists in defamation actions and other matters.  Mr. Joy has been involved in a number of jury trials to verdict.  Mr. Joy also provides counsel to clients in the area of information privacy and cybersecurity including security incident investigation, security awareness and policy drafting, cyber risk management including insurance policy coverage consultation and breach response management.  Specifically in the area of healthcare, Mr. Joy counsels covered entities on a variety of matters pertaining to HIPAA Privacy Rule, Security Rule, and Breach Notification Rule compliance.

As the firm’s chief privacy officer, Justin, promotes an awareness of privacy and security-related issues for the firm.  He oversees the development and implementation of the firm’s information security and privacy policies.  Justin also addresses matters pertaining to client requests for security assessment surveys and related inquiries.

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