Meet the Barrister – Robyn Askew

A periodic Q & A session with a Lewis Thomason (LT) lawyer

 Lewis Thomason: What is one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already?
Robyn Askew: Civics. Should be mandatory.

Lewis Thomason: What fad do you wish would come back?
Robyn Askew: 1980s big hair.

Lewis Thomason: What is the best concert you have ever been to?
Robyn Askew: Bruce Springsteen, Memphis, April 29, 1977; followed closely by Bruce Springsteen, Nashville, April 12, 2000; followed by Lyle Lovett, Knoxville, May 11, 2000; followed by all the other Bruce Springsteen concerts that I have attended. Followed by Buddy Guy, Keb’Mo, Robert Cray, John Hiatt, Meatloaf, and Emmylou Harris concerts.

Lewis Thomason: What is one thing you couldn’t live without?
Robyn Askew: Oxygen, followed by laughter and music.

Lewis Thomason: If you had time for a new hobby or to learn a new skill, what would you choose and why?
Robyn Askew: To make my husband happy, I would say “golf.” To make me happy, I would say “violin.”

Lewis Thomason: What type of kid were you (e.g. spoiled, rebellious, well-behaved, quiet, obnoxious…)?

Robyn Askew: My Mother says I was a “joy to raise,” but my teachers would say I was a lot of trouble.

Lewis Thomason: What’s your favorite way to waste time?
Robyn Askew: See answer to “What is your favorite drink and why?” below (while playing word games and card games with friends.)

 Lewis Thomason: My biggest “pet peeve” is ___?
Robyn Askew: Inconsiderate, unaware human beings.

Lewis Thomason: What is your favorite drink and why?
Robyn Askew: Is this a trick question? Knob Creek. (Why? Because it is good, and it makes inconsiderate, unaware people more tolerable).

Lewis Thomason: What famous person do you admire and why?
Robyn Askew: Michelle Obama. She is the epitome of grace under pressure. She has endured relentless, unwarranted attacks and slurs with elegance, intelligence, and dignity. She is an amazing wife, mother and First Lady.


Askew-5459Robyn Jarvis Askew is a shareholder in the firm’s Knoxville office. Her practice centers on commercial law with an emphasis on commercial real estate, finance and business transactions. In addition, Robyn represents physicians, nurses and other medical professionals before state licensing boards.

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