Movie Lawyers of All Time

By Jason Long | March 10, 2023

When your bar association asks you to do something, whenever and wherever possible, you say “yes.” At least, that was the thought at the forefront of my mind when Marsha and Cathy suggested an idea for a new DICTA column and reached out to me to see if I would be willing to start writing again. They wanted a simple Top Ten list each month, in the model of the old Late Show top ten lists popularized by David Lettermen. Each list would be, in some way, related to the law, however loosely I wanted to define that relationship. With some reluctance, I agreed to write this column.

He should have won an Oscar for this performance, if for no other reason than that he invents an entirely new way to pronounce the word “subpoena.”

James wells (absence of malice)

I decided to pick an easy topic for the inaugural column: top 10 movie lawyers of all time. Read the full article here which was printed in March 2023 DICTA, Volume 51, Issue 3.

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