Navigating Workplace Mental Health Issues

By Janet Hayes | February 3, 2023

For more than 25 years, I have been watching workplace trends, always trying to predict the next “hot” legal issue. While monitoring data from government agencies and reading journals has been helpful, experience suggests that the best way to truly anticipate tomorrow’s legal issues is simply sit back and listen to today’s conversations. After all, most of the people talking are someone’s employees, and their personal issues are a reliable predictor of future employment law issues. Each day when employees walk into the office or on to the factory floor, they care with them individual hopes, fears, worries and biases. Whatever issues employees are dealing with outside of work invariably become issues employers will be forced to deal with inside the organization – making the workplace the ultimate microcosm of society.

Read the full article in the February issue of DICTA, Volume 51, Issue 2 page 7 and continued on the bottom of page 24.

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