On Your Mark…Get Set…Go, LT United!

LT Weekly Vol 1 Issue 32This morning at 7:30 a.m., Bob Chapski left downtown Chattanooga for an 8 mile run, heading up Tennessee Highway 41 in the general direction of our Nashville offices.

It was the first leg of the Tennessee Ragnar Relay, a nearly 200 mile race from Chattanooga to Nashville, as Bob leads “LT United”, a team of 11 runners from the LT family. LT United is one of over 200 teams in the race with over 3,000 runners!

After covering 8 miles, Bob will hand the baton to David Fair, brother of Leslie Bishop of our Knoxville office, who will then also run 8 miles.

David will then hand the baton to Emily Mack of our Nashville office, who just two weeks ago completed the Chicago Marathon.

Emily will then blaze the trail at a 7 minute per mile pace (she’s the fastest runner in our firm), and a few fast miles later, will pass the baton to Maggie Cooper of our Memphis office.  Maggie, who is in training for the Memphis-St. Jude Half Marathon, will run 6 miles before handing the baton off to Josiah Reid, our newest associate in our Nashville office.

Josiah will run 7 miles and then hand the baton to Paul Whitt of our Knoxville office.

Paul will run 6 miles before handing the baton to Wally Irvin of LT Nashville, who will not only be running, but also tweeting — @LTUnitedTN

After carrying the baton for another 6 miles, Wally will hand it off to Peter Winterburn of our Memphis office.  Peter ran cross-country for White Station High School in Memphis, and has run the St. Jude Half Marathon three times.  He will comfortably traverse 6 miles before handing the baton off to Glenn Walter,  long time veteran runner in our Knoxville office, who after running nearly 7 miles, will pass the baton off to one of our newest associates, Jared Garceau, of our Knoxville office, who will not coincidentally be running in the general direction of the Tennessee Supreme Court where he will be sworn in as a new lawyer in a couple of weeks.

After running 5 1/2 miles, Jared will hand the baton off to Bill Haltom, who at age 62 will run nearly 8 miles.  There is no truth to the rumor that he will be signing and selling books along the way.

By the time Bill completes his 8-miler, darkness will be setting in on Highway 41, and Bob Chapski will take the baton from Bill, for his second leg of the run.  Bob will be wearing a headlamp and a reflective vest, looking like he is a card-carrying member of the United Mine Workers.

They will be running as “LT United”, a team in the Tennessee Ragnar Relay Race.


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