The Nine: A Supreme Court Crash Course by Alex Park

Alex Park is a self-proclaimed nerd. Most good lawyers are. In recognition of his nerd-dom, Alex was selected to be the speaker at “Nerd Night 18,” a series of Ted Talk-type seminars by Choose 901 by and for nerds. Choose 901 is a dynamic Memphis organization that promotes life in the River City.

Alex spoke on the topic “The Nine: A Supreme Court Crash Course.”

In his presentation, Park gave a brief rundown of the “line-up” of the Supreme Court, reviewing each of the nine current Justices on the Supreme Court, their general philosophy, and how they work to resolve a case.

Alex also described the work of the Supreme Court on how it selects cases and how it resolves them.

He also commented on the recent announced retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy and what it means for the future of the court.

Alex’s presentation was well-received by the large convocation of nerds present.

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