New Portraits Highlight Our Unique Firm

Many law firms honor their named partners with formal, oil portraits. Not Lewis King. Our firm commissioned nationally recognized, political cartoonist Charlie Daniel to create portraits of Lewis, King, Krieg and Waldrop.

Lewis King is made up of unique individuals with varied backgrounds in education, experience and interests. A common thread, however, is a strong sense of humor – oftentimes vital in dealing with serious problems for our clients. Expressing humor is a wonderful way to combat the day-to-day stresses of a law practice. We are not a group of stiff, stuffed shirts. Hopefully, we bring a dose of common sense and practicality to go with our legal knowledge. This attitude is demonstrated in our portraits. In addition, each portrait embodies basic Lewis King beliefs that started at our beginning in 1960 and continue today, 50 plus years later.

Charles B. Lewis: For more than two decades, Charlie concentrated his practice in the area of product liability defense serving as regional counsel and trial counsel in numerous catastrophic all terrain vehicle cases throughout the Southeast. Charlie always believed that establishing a personal relationship with the client, understanding the client’s business and having firsthand experience with the product was essential to effective representation. He could often be found in the field (or “in the trenches” as he would say) to learn everything he could about the client and product he was defending.

John K. King: John primarily represents clients who have matters dealing with local and state governmental agencies and regulatory boards. He is frequently called upon to represent clients at public hearings involving issues that can become politically sensitive. One of John’s strong beliefs is to thoroughly research and understand the legal and real world issues concerning the subject matter under consideration. He always attempts to know more about the subject at issue than anyone else. Thorough preparation has always been a hallmark of John’s representation and has resulted in many successes.

Richard W. Krieg: Dick has spent his entire career preparing and defending lawsuits. His passion in the law has always been the jury trial. The challenge of gathering evidence and witnesses to effectively communicate to a jury is rewarding and exciting. Passion is an important component to effective representation.

R. Loy Waldrop: For the greater part of his career, Loy has developed an extensive practice in the area of construction law and is recognized throughout Tennessee for his experience in this area. Getting on the construction site, doing an inspection, gathering pertinent documents all are important in developing a winning defense. Needless to say, Loy does have his own hard hat!

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