Voldemort Strikes Again by Mitchell Panter

Earlier this year, I wrote about my dear friend and colleague, “Voldemort,” and his intolerable knack for poor tipping. The reviews of that column were a mixed bag. Some, including Voldemort, felt I came on too strong or that it was in poor taste to write a smear article in a trade publication. Others applauded the effort, emailed to guess Voldemort’s true identity, or made fun of me for being a server at Cheddars. Despite the differing thoughts on my delivery, most agreed that Voldemort’s pretax method of calculating a tip is (a) stupid and (b) unacceptable in a civilized society.

To those of you who criticized my prior column on Voldemort, I look forward to receiving your apologies

Read the whole article in the August issue of DICTA, Issue 50, Volume 7, page 29

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