Ways to Deal with the Stress of Being an Attorney

By: Jason H. Long

When Marsha and Cathy approached me about writing this column, the idea was to write something fun and light to serve as a palate cleanser for the substantive submissions in DICTA (I have never been known for my hard-hitting, weighty columns). To date, I have tried to adhere to that concept. This month, I am taking a different turn, a difficult turn. As I write this, I am less than 24 hours from learning that a good friend and fellow attorney took his own life. Several of us in the bar who knew him and loved him are, quite simply, stunned. There is no easy way to process suicide, especially when it involves a person like our friend. See the full article here on page 15 of the October 2023 Volume 51 Issue 9 of DICTA.

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