False Claims Act (FCA) "ABC's"

  • “A” is for “Actual Knowledge.”
    • FCA liability arises when fraud occurs on the government, and FCA liability can result from actual knowledge, reckless disregard, or deliberate indifference of such fraud.

  • “B” is for “Big Money.”
    • In 2020 alone, the United States Justice Department recovered over $2.2 Billion in settlements and judgments related to FCA claims.

  • “C” is for “Citizen Claims.”
    • Though the Justice Department ultimately manages cases and collects funds under the FCA, the process often starts when normal citizens (see whistleblowers) file qui tam claims to bring the federal government’s attention to such fraud.

To reward such citizens for often risking their careers or even their safety in order to bring light to wrongdoing, the FCA also allows for qui tam claimants (see relators) to many times receive a percentage of the government’s ultimate monetary recovery.  If you believe you might have such a claim, please contact me by email ([email protected]) or by phone (865-546-4646) at any point to discuss the same.


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